Even before you go to your health adviser to get diagnosed for your bacterial vaginosis, it is good to understand what the possible symptoms of this issue are. In other words, if you are reading this page and see some of the symptoms (not necessarily all of them) matching your conditions, then there is a good chance that you have BV. Get diagnosed.

There are a few primary and secondary symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. These symptoms are signals of discomfort sent to you by your body. Do your health and body a favor by taking notice and care of these signals immediately. The earlier you identify, the better. While bacterial vaginosis is not known to be fatal or dangerous for all practical purposes, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Also, treating BV early is a good idea – treating any health problem at the earliest is a good idea in general.

The primary symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are the following.

  • You shall experience a discharge coming out of your vagina. Typically the discharge will have its own color – most often being yellow, green or gray. A white discharge has also been observed in many cases.
  • The discharge bears a fishy odor. This is the most tell-tale sign of bacterial vaginosis. If you get a foul fishy smell then it is almost certain that your vaginal issue is a BV.
  • An itch in the vaginal area that stays most of the times.
  • After you have physical intercourse (sex) with your partner, the discharge can increase and the fishy odor will exist in the discharge with the same or even increased levels of intensity.

In addition to the primary symptoms described above, there are a number of secondary symptoms too that are associated with bacterial vaginosis.

  • The vagina may get swollen. Even if the swelling is not visible to you (it may or may not be), you shall clearly feel it if this happens.
  • Many women complain of feeling pain during sexual intercourse if they have BV
  • At times, the urination too may become painful. Beware, a painful urination may happen due to other reasons too, including urinary track infections.
  • Many people experience a burning sensation inside the vagina, and this feeling might be quite uncomfortable.
  • Along with the itch, you may further feel a sense of irritation inside your vagina.

If you see some (and not necessarily all) of these symptoms, raise a red flag in your mind – it may be time for you to get diagnosed for bacterial vaginosis. And in particular, the fishy odor is one of the most clear symptoms of BV. If your vagina is smelling fishy and foul, you almost certainly have bacterial vaginosis. Get diagnosed and start working on eliminating the underlying causes of the BV in order to get a permanent relief.