There are quite a few types of vaginal infections that women face. These infections could be caused by fungus, yeast and bacteria among many possibilities. Among them, contrary to the popular belief, it is the bacterial infection that is the most prevalent one and not the infection caused by yeast. This infection caused by bacteria is often termed as bacterial vaginosis and is also well-known as bacteria vaginitis. And as many women find out thorugh their experience, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is unfortunately a recurring problem. In other words, if someone is infected with BV, they do not find it easy to get rid of the problem or eliminate it completely.

The detailed information on bacterial vaginosis can be found at the home page of this website. The real cause of bacterial vaginosis is an undesirable change of acidity inside the vagina. You would not want to keep the undesirable levels of acidity unchanged. You would prefer to fix the acidity once and for all so that you can eliminate the problem forever from your life. Bacterial vaginitis has drawn a lot of myths and inaccurate beliefs; make sure that you don’t fall for those.

If you notice it carefully, conventional treatments of bacterial vaginosis involving antibiotics does not really take the acidity change factor into account. The way that the traditional antibiotic treatment for BV works is that it would kill the bacteria by sheer chemical force. In fact, direct killing of microbes is what makes antibiotics powerful and that is not an exception for the case of bacterial vaginosis also since it is cause by bacteria which is a kind of microbe.

But unfortunately, that does not end the story for a significant fraction of the infected population. It goes well beyond the initial treatment with traditional antibiotics. The antibiotics will kill the vaginal bacteria without any consideration – it would kill the health-friendly bacteria that is expected to be in the human vagina and the harmful bacteria that is causing the BV, both alike. As a result, the initial effect of the person suffering from the ailment will be one of relief. The intensity of bacterial vaginosis will go down initially with the traditional antibiotic treatment. For some women, it will never return and the woman will believe she is healthy.

But for a number of other women, the bacteria will come back and infest the vagina once again. And then they would take the antibiotic again. And then it would disappear again, only to show up yet again. And this becomes a cycle and keeps repeating. In short, the BV goes chronic from this point onwards.

But what makes bacterial vaginosis become recurrent?

If you carefully observe, the treatment method (antibiotics) described so far does not in any way attempt to take care of the vaginal acidity. All that it tries to do and successfully does is that it ends up killing bacteria. But in reality the effect of the antibiotics cannot last forever. So what would happen once the effectso f the antibiotics wear off? Unelss the vagina self-heals within this time period, the bad bacteria starts growing faster than the health-friendly Lactobacillus bacteria again. And the outcome is that the BV that had apparently disappeared is back again, giving an impression of recurring bacterial vaginosis.

So the real way to eliminate recurring bacterial vaginosis is not to kill the micro-organism but to fundamentally change the conditions inside the vagina. You would not want to kill the bacteria forcefully over and over again usinng antibiotics. Over-exposure to antibiotics could possibly lead the bacteria develop resistance powers to medicine inside your body and then antibiotics may not help when you need them for some serious requirements. Plus, overuse of antibiotics could leave other possible side effects.

What you would rather want to do is go for natural treatments to increase the vaginal acidity and thus create a more suitable environment for the “good bacteria” to grow back. So you would want to follow some of the natural BV treatment methods and lead a disciplined life. The natural elements, easily found in nature, would help maintain the vaginal acidity without producing side effects. So you need to keep maintaining a life with certain disciplines and that in itself will help you a lot in the long term.

Also, among the popular bacterial vaginosis home remedy methods, there are some elements such as yogurt and apple cidar vinegar for treating bacterial vaginosis that are used quite a lot. One of the most effective means is to use certain probiotics along with leading a disciplined life. More more on treating your BV using natural methods, please take a look at this page.