Bacterial vaginosis treatment is important. And treating the recurring BV is not always too easy. BV (bacterial vaginosis) is infamous for coming back and recurring. More often than not, each time you start thinking you are free of bacterial vaginosis for the time being, the menace comes back. Unless treated, vaginal bacteriosis can become chronic.

The obvious question that comes up is that does bacterial vaginosis treatment eliminate the problem? Or is the issue beyond cure and is going to persist for an entire lifetime?

The answer is on the positive side. While a conventional BV treatment with antibiotics and over-the-counter pills often fail to permanently eliminate the issue, but there are well-established natural treatments for bacterial vaginosis. And the cure that these natural treatments yield are permanent for each and every case.

Remember, the way that antibiotics perform bacterial vaginosis treatment is brute force – they use brute chemical force to kill the bad bacteria that grows inside the vagina. The obvious result is a temporary relief. However, nothing changes fundamentally inside the vagina. So the root cause of the BV does not get eliminated by this and as a result the symptoms start showing up again within a few days of stopping the antibiotics.

To stop bacterial vaginosis from recurring, you need to treat your vagina so that the bacteria does not grow. You want your vagina to become healthy again in the core health sense like before, so that the bad bacteria simply cannot grow back any more.

Pause for a moment now. Why do you think you need a bacterial vaginosis treatment today? What made you unlucky to have the problem in the first place?

It is the changed levels of acidity inside your vagina. The vagina is a sensitive and delicate canal with a desirable level of acidity (pH value, as they call it in a more scientific way). The desirable pH values (acidity levels) make sure that the bad bacteria cannot break out and thus you do not have BV. In fact, the vagina also houses some good bacteria that in turn fight the bad bacteria on your behalf. The right levels of acidity will assure that the friendly bacteria also stays alive inside your vagina, which is extremely desirable.

So you got it – the key is to restore the desirable acidity inside your vagina, and no antibiotic works that way. Are you surprised that BV recurs when you treat it with antibiotics?

So the real challenge to address is – how to maintain desirable pH levels inside the vagina? Nothing can beat the natural route here. And that is why, going for a bacterial vaginosis natural treatment is easily the best choice you can make.

Some of the better-known bacterial vaginosis treatment methods involve using yogurt and apple cidar vinegar. The yogurt is often applied vaginally to get the best results. Herbal tea and green tea are believed to work well also. Cranberry juices are said to help.

One of the best treatments is Kristina’s 3-step probiotic method described on her site here (click here) – the success rate of people opting for this is close to 99%, arguably the best known around. I recommend it. The book is not free, but the methods are inexpensive – the total cost of the book plus the method is a lot cheaper than your usual treatment. Note that it works really well for both fresh and recurring BV, which is often not the case with conventional antibiotic treatments.

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