What causes bacterial vaginosis?

There is one and only one reason that would make you suffer from bacterial vaginosis. And that is: changed pH levels inside your vagina.

You heard it right – BV is caused by bacteria but bacteria is not the root cause of BV. The imbalance in bacteria and te associated feelings of problems are the symptoms of BV. Changed pH level inside the vagina is the real root cause.

What is pH? It is the measurement of acidity. So, what the above essentially means is that, if your vagina does not have the right levels if acidity, then you stand a chance to get BV. And if you find yourself infected with BV, then you certainly no longer have the right level of vaginal acidity.

The human vagina houses a lot of bacteria. Some of it is good bacteria that is desired by the human body. Some of it is bad and undesired. But as long as there is a balance between the good and the bad bacteria, you are safe. And that is what normally happens.

But once the acidity level inside your vagina changes, the balance between good and bad bacteria is affected. And if the change is significant, then the bad bacteria will significantly outnumber (out-proportion) the good bacteria. And you would catch bacterial vaginosis. Treating bacterial vaginosis fundamentally involves restoring this balance to a desirable level.

BV usually happens as a result of the following activities.

  • New sex partners – this is one of the most common causes (but remember, you may be a virgin and still have BV because it can happen from other factors too).
  • Thongs can cause you BV.
  • Menopause occurs when a woman permanently stops menstruating – often because she has reached the other end of her youth. Since BV occur at this stage simply because of changes in chemical elements inside the vagina, you may want to proactively prevent BV at this stage by taking a natural route than get infected and then react to it.
  • Anemia can also cause BV. Anemia (“bloodlessness”) is a scenario in which the red corpuscles are present in less than desired numbers in your blood.

Vagina is a delicate organ, and it is important that you maintain good vaginal health. So try to maintain the right levels of acidity inside your vagina and this will automatically reduce the chances that you catch BV. If you are already infected with bacterial vaginosis then too it is extremely important to restore the acidity levels inside your vagina immediately. If you maintain this acidity level, BV will be eliminated forever.

The best way to attain this is to take a natural route. Arrest the initial BV and then take the right kind of food. That’s all it is. Bacterial vaginosis home based remedies often involve maintaining the right kind of lifestyle that is easy to keep up.