Vaginitis is an inflamation of the vagina – the internal genital organ of the human female. This is a problem faced by the vagina resulting in irritation and inflamation. Vaginitis is a problem faced┬áby multiple millions of women every single year. So this is a problem that has a major impact simply because of the sheer volume of people it touches.

There are a number of different kinds of vaginitis that women are seen to suffer from. The types of vaginitis are based upon their underlying cause. There are three primary classes of vaginitis that are observed among people. These are (a) bacteria vaginitis which is also knonwn as bacterial vaginosis, (b) yeast vaginitis which is also known as candida vaginitis and (c) trichomonas vaginitis which is popularly known as trich. The first two are relatively common while the third one (trich) is obbserved among less than 5% of the total number of women suffering from a vaginitis. And among the lot, bacterial vaginitis happens to be the most frequently found form of the problem.

Vaginitis is an extremely common problem. Millions of women suffer from it every year. And majority of that is bacteria vaginitis (BV). It is surprising to observe that BV is known to recur even in spite of the very best of traditional treatment. So one way to control vaginitis and in particular BV is to follow natural habits that help one maintain their vaginal health. For this same reason, some of the very best permanent remedies for BV happens to be natural treatment for all practical purposes.

There are a number of possible reasons for vaginitis. Bacterial infestation, fungal problem, protozoan attack and allergic infection and reaction can cause bacteria vaginitis. The forms of vaginitis caused by bacteria and yeast are not sexually transmitted but trichomonas is. So to understand whether a vaginits will get sexually transmitted, you need to first understand the type ofthe vaginitis in question.

Bacterial vaginosis (bacteria vaginitis) occurs as the vaginal acidity changes and the nature of vaginal flora transforms with the change. The default flora of a healthy vagina would comprise of a significant fraction of Lactobacillus and that is a great microbe to maintain health of the tender genital organ. This class of bacteria also helps to maintain the vaginal acidity to desirable levels. If the vaginal acidity reduces, the Lactobacilli get substituted with unhealthy microbes – mostly harmful bacteria – and that leads to bacterial vaginitis. The bad bacteria is often anaerobic in nature, and they further deteriorate the vaginal health.

Symptoms for bacterial vaginosis are discussed in details on this page. You may want to read it up in details and consult your health advisor for diagnosis if you suspect you have any of the symptoms. It is important to get diagnosed. It is also important to treat the problem at the earliest. If it recurs you may want to think of going for bacteria vaginitis natural treatments – BV is known to recur with traitional treatment but natural methods and lifestyle can control it to a great extent.

You would definitely want to get the problem treated though. Vaginitis, and especially bacteria vagintis, is not dangerous at one level, but a long time untreated one can lead to infertility, pre-term birth, low birth weight, miscarriage, vulnerability to STDs (sexually transmittted diseases) and pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID) to name a few from many. To continue reading on the various bacteria vaginitis treatment methods, move ahead to this page.