There are a number of possible infections that women can suffer from. Some of the more common infections are caused by bacteria. And there are a few infections such as bacterial vaginosis that can occur only in women and not in men. That is because these are problems observed in feminine portions of the body. This content discussed a few of the most common vaginal infections among women including the bacterial one.

There are three primary kinds of vaginal infections that are seen among women. One of the most prevalent form of infection is the yeast one. In case of yeast infection the human vagina is attacked by excess yeast and that leads to an infection. Another form of vaginal infection in women is the trichomonas that is popularly known as trich. Trich is a rather uncommon kind of infection that is seen in around 5%-6% of the total number of vaginal infections that women suffer from.

The majority of the vaginal infection seen in women happens to be a bacterial one, and that is bacterial vaginosis. The germs enter the woman’s vagina and start staying and growing right inside. In fact, the human vagina by default houses bacteria such as Lactobacillus that is good for health. This is often referred to as “good bacteria” in an informal manner when speaking with respect to the female genitalia. On the other hand, the bacterial infections in women are caused by bacteria that are usually termed as “bad” bacteria – and this is the offensive bacteria that grow in the vaginal canal. Trich symptoms and bacterial vaginosis symptoms have similarity so you would want to make sure that you are treating the right problem by getting diagnosed before the treatment.

It has been observed that well over half the infections seen in the human vagina is causedd by bacteria and is some form of bacterial vaginosis. Almost 20% of the female population goes through this infection for some perios or the other in their lives. Note that almost one out of five women contact bacterial vaginosis while they are pregnant, and this significantly increases the chances of low birth weight, still birth and premature delivery. None of this is welcome.

Among many a bacterial infection in women, bacterial vaginosis is the single most observed one. The root cause is unknown for the problem, but it is seen that whenever the acidity level of the vagina changes (goes down), the stable ambience of the organ is disturbed. And that is when the desirable bacteria shrinks in count while the undesirable bacteria grows. If the growth of the bad bacteria becomes too high and the good bacteria is practically replaced, the condition becomes that of bacterial vaginosis.

You would not want to remain a victim of bacterial vaginosis for too long. While the problem is not serious in itself, keeping it untreated for long time periods makes the vagina and the body as a whole more vulnerable to other undesirable problems. HPV and HIV vulnerability is said to increase for people who have recurrent bacterial vaginosis. So treating this problem is important even if it appears to be harmless at the face of it.

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