Apple cidar vinegar is a noted method among the many bacterial vaginosis home remedies that help eliminate the aggravation and control the problem. There are quite a few natural approaches for taking care of BV. This includes yogurt, cranberry juice, tea tree oil and garlic among many other options. Apple cidar vinegar is one of the best natural methods to control BV. It will probably not cure your BV, but the spreading will stand a good chance to be reduced. So you shall feel relief from the immediate anguish.

Apple cidar vinegar is slightly acidic but not too acidic. It is acidic enough for killing a lot of bacteria but not acidic enough to wipe out all the bacteri inside you or to cause pain or irritationn in your body if used in the right ways. Also it is a completely natural element, and hence it would not leave back side effects that one would keep suffering from afterwards.

Now the biggest question is how to use apple cidar vinegar for bacterial vaginosis and get great results? There are three main answers to this, but the first two are the effective answers among the three.


Bathing in apple cidar vinegar is probably the most effective option. Remember, apple cidar vinegar by itself is probably not powerful enough to elimate your BV on its own. But it is normally seen to be sufficiently strong so as not to let the bacterial vaginosis keep growing on. So in essence, you are probably looking for BV control but not necessarily complete BV elimination using apple cidar vinegar.

Having said that, lets now understand how to bath in apple cidar vinegar. You would not want to put too much apple cidar vinegar or use too hot or too cold water. You would want to take slightly warm water that will be cozy and comfortable.

A good idea is to take half a cup or around a cup – typically up to 250 ml – of this element and mix it with bath tub water that is sufficient in quantity to cover your bottom part of the body as you sit in the water. And then, simply sit in the bath tun and relax for about 20-30 minutes in the water. The initial feeling may be one of burning sensation, but it will eventualyl wear away and you shall feel comfortable.

So this will protect your vaginal zone from external attacks causing some of the common bacterial infections in women. Further, you shall need to make sure that you are using a clean bath tub. The impact of regular use for around a couple of weeks or so will prevent your BV from growing further and will keep in control. In some cases you may improve by a great extent but may not necessarily get cured.


A second option for using apple cidar vinegar aiming bacterial vaginosis treatment is using douches. You would want to take around one and half to two cups of water, and mix a tea-spoonful of appe cidar vinegar with it. You would put this mixture in the douching bag and start the douche. Do this once a day for around a couple of weeks, and the bacterial vaginosis will come under control. Do not overdo it – that is probably not going to help at all and in fact, it ay hurt because it may end up killing the health-friendly bacteria that also resides inside your vagina.

For douching, you can use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in two cups of water.  Just put it in a douching bag and you’re ready to go.  You should do that once each day until the BV clears up.  That’s likely to take about one to two weeks.  Just remember that too much douching can flush out the good bacteria as well as the bad.  So, don’t think that extra douching will work extra fast because it won’t.


Drinking appple cidar vinegar is also an option. While this is not that effective for eliminating bacterial vaginosis if you have it (bathing is good and douching is also good), but it is a good option for you to use apple cidar vinegar on an ongoing basis as a drink if you want to prevent yourself from bacterial vaginosis. This is not a vaccination or anything of that sort; rather, it is a way to create a healthy body and physical system so that your health remains good in the long term including BV protection.

To summarize, treating bacterial vaginosis using apple cidar vinegar is good but not really the very best of all options. It is great for prevention and good for control of BV. A full list of bacterial vaginosis natural treatment elements is given on this page.