Bacterial Vaginosis – What is it?

Bacterial Vaginosis, also known as vaginal bacteriosis and bacterial vaginitis, is a bacteria-related problem observed in the vagina among women, particularly of child-bearing age. Disproportionate growth of harmful bacteria leads to this anomaly. Normally the treatment begins with conventional over the counter products or antibiotics, and in many cases no further treatment is required. However, bacterial vaginosis (BV) turns out to be a recurring problem in a number of cases. And that often leads to the BV coming back every time the patient is on verge of thinking that she is cured. Thus, the irritation leads to a psychological botheration. While BV in itself is not known to be harmful, but the unpleasant experiences and potential side-effects such as inclreased vulnerability to other vaginal problems, infections, preterm labor and even HIV etc. makes it an important element to eliminate without delaying thing too much.

The vagina of women – one of the softest and most sensitive parts – is extremely delicate. The human vaginal health is sensitive to a number of factors. One of the most important factors is the degree of acidity of the vagina. If the acidity level is not within the desired range, there would be a disbalance of micro-organisms that grow inside the wet and humid vaginal space. Bacteria happens to be one of the most prominent micro-organisms among the lot, and this eventually leads to bacterial vaginosis.

Now lets come down to the questions that matter. Do you really have bacterial vaginosis? Is bacterial vaginosis something that you can control? If it is not going away with conventional medication, or if you are shy to go to a doctor and expose the secret portions of your body, can you treat it at home effectively and elimiate it?

Before anwering any of the above, lets understand what causes BV. Once you understand the real underlying cause, getting rid of the problem becomes a lot simpler. Bacterial vaginosis is is a bacterial infection of the vagina. The infection is apparently caused by a high growth of bacteria in the vagina. But the number of bacteria getting increased is not the fundamental reason. It is only an effect.

What, then, is the cause of having BV?

The cause is a change in the pH factor inside your vagina. What is pH? In plain English, it is the level of acidity. When your vagina sees a change in the levels of acidity, it becomes vulnerable. The vagina houses a lot of good bacteria and a smaller proportion of bad bacteria by default. But as the “ambience” inside your vagina changes with teh change in acidity, the balance between good and bad bacteria gets disturbed.

In the new conditions of changed acidity level inside your vagina, the bad bacteria starts outgrowing the good bacteria. And as the acidity level changes, the bad bacteria beats the good bacteria hands down. As a result, you experience bacterial vaginosis.

The standard treatments such as OTC products and even antibiotics do not attempt to eliminate the root cause of BV. They kill the bacteria and one needs to hope that the acidity of the vagina gets restored before the impacts of these products go away. On the other hand, one may choose to try methods of coming back to the normal levels of vaginal acidity (restore the vaginal pH) so that the place becomes unfriendly for the bad bacteria causing the bacterial vaginosis to grow and stay. The latter one is an ideal route to eliminate BV, and natural methods have proved to be excellent in successfully achieving this.

If not eliminated from the root, bacterial vaginosis can potentially open doors to long-lasting problems, potentially making the body vulnerable to more serious issues. Cervicitis (a problem of the uterus orifice – uterus is the inner organ adjoining the vagina and the “home” of the fetus – the womb), endometritis and pelvic inflamatory disease (PID). Do not carry a BV if you are planning to get pregnant – it has proved to make women vulnerable to preterm labor (miscarriages and stillbirth).

The importance of bacterial vaginosis natural treatment can not be stressed enough if your BV is recurring and you are looking to eradicate the problem permanently. In a way, it is the ideal cure that one would want to achieve. You would want to take a look at my webpage on BV natural treatment for better understanding the process here.

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